By Razeena Docrat


Sandy toes and salty kisses. We’ve reached the best time of the year- the finale of 2018, the culminating chapter. Business doors have closed, 13th checks cashed in and reservations confirmed. Hello summer vacation! Alas, the sweltering heat, and skin-revealing fashion trends,  can also be one of the most testing time for hijabis. The wind- in- my- hair , just- don’t- care mantra  sounds oh, so tempting .

Weather you’re in full time nikaab, managed to just reach the stage of donning an abaya and scarf, or simply still a modest dresser with a turban, motivated to reach the next level, the holiday season can be one of the most testing times to stay motivated to keeping the scarf on. It could be the totally relaxed vibe created by the season, the impracticality of abaya on the beach or in the pool, the surrounding dress code , or simply the uncomfortable feeling of being covered in the heat that makes this time period so taxing.

Many look forward to the year-end break and go all out to enjoy it to its fullest. Most go shopping for a new holiday wardrobe and do all the research needed to make sure they’re looking on fleek at the Elangeni breakfast table. Summer fashion trends sport  shorter, thinner clothing challenging the modest dresser to stay focused and still fit in.

It happens, and as a hijabi myself, I believe it’s normal. The devil didn’t get his 13th pay check , and he’s going to be working overtime. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, weak or even despondent. If it was easy, the reward wouldn’t be so great . So before you ditch the negligible 1 meter scarf for your GHD to battle the frizz as a result of the Durban humidity I thought I’d share a quick and easy add to make you want to keep the hijab on.

#ss18/19 has been filled with all different types of hats. Besides the obvious use for sun protection, it is this season’s most loved accessory (after straw bags).

Ladies, the HAT has got your back!

Ranging from giant over- sized ones showcased on Jacquemu’s mind-blowing resort collection , or Riaana’s animal print bucket hat , a trendy hat is a must- add to your trunk. Amongst the fashion fabulous toppings, a straw hat with a black ribbon trim has fast become an Instagram favourite . It goes with just about everything, from jeans to summer dresses, power suits to flowy kimonos. That’s not all though, they look fantastic with any type of scarf fabric too. Even the most simplest of scarfs can look amazing with just this added feature, upgrading your holiday look to one of confidence and sophistication. I chose to style the straw hat with a simplified twisted end, keeping the from front low and easy to remove to replace the hat (the twists bring attention to the nape and ends in a soft summer ripple). We also added this oversized black summer hat to a simple scarf draped loosely around the neck  for those who prefer to conceal the neck as well.

I chose the Ajmaan scarfs, as they are the first and original pin- free scarf in South Africa. They continue to improve and I was lucky enough to catch their latest cotton range- a soft cool fabric just in in time for summer. The “pin- free” means just that- less fuss looking for pins during your break away. How resourceful!

Have fun styling your hijab; alternate between printed and textured fabrics as well as different size hats to suit “the look”. With these trendy, scarf- styling tips you will rock the summer scene. Safe travels until 2019!




About the author: Razeena Docrat is a fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She outsources the latest trends worldwide and brings it to her customers.
Scarves featured : Ajmaan’s latest cotton range 
Hats : What_ladies_luv
Model: Ajmaan’s brand ambassador, Tasnim Dangor 
Photographer: Faaria Patel 
Scarf stylist: founder of Ajmaan : Salma Navlakhi