Interview with Razeena Docrat


I was fortunate enough to pin down Tasneem Valley for a much-needed spa moment.  Between rocking the fashion and beauty industry, cooking meals for her family and meeting the requirements of her day job, Tasneem was gracious enough to accommodate me.

If there is anything that I came away with after my interview with her, it was a feeling of physical rejuvenation. Her calm aesthetic touch left me feeling emotionally recharged as well. Tasneem is living proof that hard work and determination can help you attain the goals and dreams you set out to achieve.

Tasneem describes herself as the ugly duckling growing up. Her love for makeup began at a very young age when she was gifted Revlon makeup samples by her father. These samples were her first “kit” used to beautify her friends. Despite being self-conscious, Tasneem prided herself on having great skin. This would be a comfort for her throughout the rough adolescent years.

Tasneem studied teaching, a profession set out for her by her concerned parents, fearing beauty therapy to be a less lucrative option. She went from a diploma to a degree and put heart and soul into her new venture. Soon after she qualified, wedding bells rang and knots were tied.  She returned from honeymoon to her regular teaching job, which she subsequently used to fund her dream and passion- a basic beauty therapy course.

A home salon, with the help of her supportive husband and family, was the stepping- stone to the phenomenal woman we see behind the booming Instagram page @tasneem_valley where her creative flare for all things fashion and style, come to the fore. Tasneem didn’t stop there, no, she attended regular seminars and classes to keep abreast the latest beauty and makeup hacks. She will forever be grateful to Dr Fatima Bhabha who gave her a big break, introducing her to the FIRE and ICE Facial.

The facial went viral on Tasneem’s social media. The treatment itself is quite popular due to its fast and safe results for all skin types, from young acne prone skin to wrinkled, aged skin it adds an instant glow that lasts. Personally, Tasneem aims for makeup-free skin and this is evident from her subtle use of cosmetics on her Instagram page.

Multi-talented, with several credentials to her name, she describes herself as a hustler. From her early makeup days, traveling far out to meet with clients, to currently balancing her mummy duties with her career, she believes each avenue fulfils a different side of her unique personality. There is a joy that each vocation brings to her life that cannot be matched anywhere else.

As a young woman who is living out her dream, Tasneem shares some advice with us for any young and aspiring woman out there. “No matter what dream you have personally set, prayer is only a part of getting you there”, she says “Hard work does pay off! Don’t let other moments like getting married or having children stop you from the passion in your heart. Find and appreciate the support structure you need. Follow your dreams ‘till you live them without losing focus of who you are and what really is important”