About Our Writers

Zakiya Bulbulia

“Having obtained my LLB Degree at RAU(now UJ), I am a Sole Practicing Attorney admitted in the High Court of South Africa with a predominantly Litigation practise as well as attending to Family Law ,Insurance Law, Contracts, Estates, ANCs, etc .  I have a certificate in Islamic Law as well as a Certificate in Islamic Jurisprudence.  I have completed the courses in Divorce Mediation, Family Child Mediation and now also Court-annexed Mediation and accordingly have just been appointed to the Minister’s panel of mediators.”

Jamila Cassim

She is an independent Financial Advisor for over 20 years. She has a BA (Hed), BED (Guidance counselling) and Higher Diploma in Financial Planning. She is a firm advocate of women’s rights in Islam

Nadia Cassim

She has her honours in Urban and Regional Planning (Bsc (URP)). She is also a Financial Service Representative, an artist and the founder and Editor of IRTIQA.

Yasmin Darsot Cassim

Born in Zamibia, but relocated to Johannesburg in 1990. She is currently employed as a Systems Analyst at ABSA Financial Services.

Dr M I Cassim

After completing a MBBCH at the University of Witwatersrand in 1983, Dr Cassim began his career at the Baragwanath Hospital. He soon commenced with Specialist Training and became Senior House Officer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Thereafter, Dr Cassim went on to obtaining his registraship in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and became a founder member and chairperson of the Registrar Working Committee at the University of Witwatersrand.

He has also completed a short registrarship in urology which gives him greater exposure and understanding of the male factor in fertility problems. In 1992 Dr Cassim headed up a Gynaecology Unit at The Hillbrow Hospital and he was an examiner for undergraduates at the University of Witwatersrand Medical School. Following an advanced training course in IVF at CICONIA Aarhus in Denmark, Dr Cassim went on to head up the Brenthurst Nordica Fertility Centre. He holds a Master of Philosophy (Mphil) in Assisted Reproduction at the University of Stellenbosch and completed his MBA with Edinbrough University

He is an accredited Moderator and Lecturer of the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and a Member of  the ‘Curriculum Advisory Board’ for the DUT.

He has done regular talk shows on 702 radio and other stations; and written several articles in magazines and journals as well as academic presentations.

Dr Cassim is presently the senior-director of the BioART Fertility Centre in Johannesburg and is a registered Reproductive Medicine Specialist with the HPCSA.


Hajira Didat (guest)

“I am Hajira Didat and I have been practicing yoga for the last 13 years and teaching it for 6 years. I spent years studying yoga and practicing with two awesome teachers. For 3 years Pauola Demattia founder of the Osho yoga centre in Bramley, Johannesburg taught me the principles of Hatha and Kriya yoga, meditation and the first and second level Reiki. I spent another year learning Astanga or Power yoga with Ingrid Erikkson at her Yoga Shala in Craighall, Johannesburg. Pauola studied and qualified at the Osho centre in Pune, India. Ingrid studied with Patabhi Jois at his Shala in Mysore, India. I started off teaching privately for my teachers and then went on to teach for well known gyms in Johannesburg, Fourways, Rivonia, Village Walk, Melrose and occasionally Bedfordview. I also taught yoga in Houtbay, Cape Town, for a year and a half before returning to Johannesburg last year. Now myself and my husband Imaaduddin teach yoga, breathing and healthy, wholesome living through workshops in and around Johannesburg, we also do yoga retreats and life coaching. We believe that the greatest knowledge about health, wellbeing and spirituality originates in the east. We strive to return yoga to the deep and sincere practice that was not as an art form, dance and/or spectacle of flexibility, but a union between the mind, body and soul that the Almighty has blessed us with”

Quraisha Dawood

Quraisha Dawood has completed a PhD in industrial, organisational and labour relations at UKZN. She is a poet and freelance journalist and has written for Readers Digest, the Sunday Tribune and Al-Qalam and Al-ummah.

Zayd Ebrahim

Zayd Ebrahim is an Urban Strategist working in local government. His interests include urban innovation, new media, technology and urban policy

 Dr Sumayya Ebrahim (Gynaecologist)

She is a practicing Gynaecologist at Park Lane Clinic. She is married to Johannesburg Cardiologist Dr Riaz Motara and has two children. She is passionate about educating women about their health and reproductive choices. Her interests are travelling and hiking. She has recently successfully summited Mt Kilimanjaro.

Dr Sumayya Ebrahim (Psychologist)- (guest)

She  is a registered psychologist in private practice in Johannesburg and has several degrees to her name.   She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology as well an honors degree in Applied Psychology.  Dr Ebrahim has also attained her Masters degree Cum Laude.

Dr Ebrahim began the development of a wellbeing concept called Investment in Self, during her Masters degree. She later advanced Investment in Self further for her PhD and subsequently published her Thesis in a book entitled Investment in Self: A Comprehensive Wellbeing Construct, which documents the relationship between Investment in Self, Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing.

Dr Ebrahim’s academic and practical training has given her a wide scope of experience across the board.  Her academic interests are Wellbeing, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Critical Psychology.  She has a well-established private practice and has a special interest in the Individual and in Fertility (pre and post IVF/IUI treatment, egg donors, egg recipients and surrogacy) and Perinatal and related areas.  Dr Ebrahim is a regular reviewer for the South African Journal of Psychology and is on the Advisory Board of a well renowned parenting magazine.

Rashaad Essop

“My name is Rashaad Essop. I’m an entrepreneur, ninja by night, programming student and writer/poet. I despise unethical advertising and sensationalist journalism. I write with my own flavour, let my thoughts flow-contained, yet truthful. Sometimes people mistake that for provocation. If it is, it would be to provoke thought. I don’t want to change the way people think- it’s becoming a scarce commodity whereas it’s a resource that we are born with. We have somehow succumbed to fearing thought. I’ve been involved in the heavy truck and semi-trailer sector of the transport industry in Southern Africa for almost 10 years, in engineering, sales, general management, in-house technical support, logistics and general research and development, up until 2011 when I started the SKUDA project. My passion lies in technology, art and philosophy”.

Fatima Haffejee

She is a producer at Channel Islam International and has a talent for writing.

Hafsa Kader Dawood

Hafsa is a Professional Architect who recently started up a company with her husband practicing Architecture and Town planning. As an Architect registered to South African Council for the Architectural Profession, Hafsa has worked on a wide variety of projects including health care, institutional, commercial, and residential designs.

She holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of KwaZulul Natal. She has recently wed and relocated to Pretoria- Little girl in the Big city. Being a Muslim female in a male dominated field of construction, Hafsa has managed to make a niche for herself in the industry.

She has a particular interest for fashion which had lead her thesis research towards the parallels and influence of architecture and fashion. Hafsa is a travel enthusiast and visited many places around the world with keen interest in culture, tradition and local cuisine! And of course, her camera follows wherever she goes..

Adeela Kasoojee

Adeela Kasoojee Gathoo is first and foremost a mother and daughter. She is an avid food blogger with a passion for cooking. She has much interest in children’s rights, Constitutional and Human Rights Law. Despite all these endeavours and working full time, she has much further to travel on her journey through life.

Shenaaz Rajah (guest)

Born in South Africa and brought up in Australia, Shenaaz has a passion for deen and continuously strives for spiritual fulfilment.

Fatima Ragie (guest)

Fatima Ragie is a tree-hugging, insect-loving bush addict hailing from the North West. At present she is busy with her MSc in natural resource management and rural livelihoods at Wits University. She is particularly interested in sustainability with an integrated approach – the environment, economics and social spheres. Fatima is an optimist who believes there is a great deal every individual can do to save the world (and hence the people on it). She is presently heading the Green Deen Campaign (an MSA Union Initiative) aimed at the South African Muslim community.

Sidra Sadek

Born in Zambia and brought up in South Africa, she has a Diploma in Business Management as well as Entrepreneurship. She has a natural flair for fashion

Sumaya Seedat

She has a certificate in media and journalism. Recently wed, she is trying to maintain a healthy balance between work, marriage and spirituality.

Laai’qah SeedSower

An adult literacy and accelerated learning specialist. Laa’iqah writes under the pen name SeedSower from the heart of a slave, the eye of a poet and the hands of a woman who is keen to change the world, one word of love at a time