Poems By Fadheelah Patel



Something religious

 That could determine my spiritual fate

Has sadly become

A political debate


How can a symbol of my faith

 A religious command

Be a threat to so many

that to remove it they demand???


Covering my head and face

Is a symbol of piety

An expression of love

for the ONE and ONLY Diety


Does it make me less human?

Why should it strip me of my rights?

Do laws that forbid it

Show the lawmakers might?


they Mock, abuse

taunt and shun  

at a piece of cloth

they poke fun


a simple act of faith

fills their hearts with terror

their hatred and prejudice

will leave them in great error


see the reality of my faith

the reality of this cloth which you hate

but how can you see with a vision warped

a vision fogged with which darkness you create  


so live and let live

that is my plea

remove your blinkers

 see the reality




Sitting in your drone

Is just a game

You hit targets below

Without any shame


You see no destruction

You hear no cries

Your radar is a toy

Selecting who dies


Blind man buff

You feel real tough

Your ears are muffed

You can’t get enough


You don’t see the pain

You don’t see the fear

You don’t see the carnage

You don’t see the tears


You master your game

Practice makes perfect

With a touch of a button

Innocent lives you wreck


So engrossed you become

So unaware!

So inhuman

But you don’t care!


As long as you have fun

As long as you “up there”

Nothing else matters

But your love affair


Your affair with Satan

A vow you have made

Married to your game

Together you celebrate


But marriages end

And so do games

 Your mind is left haunted

Without achieving its aims




You land your drone safely

You return to reality

Bereft of a soul

For you I feel pity


So was your game worth playing?

Having paid the price?                              

Your peace of mind you have lost

Are you willing to re-throw the dice?



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