IRTIQA  and TR Modiri appeal to the public to donate essentials for winter to the impoverished families of Eldorado Park in Johannesburg. Currently TR Modiri, a non-profit organisation, feeds over 500 men, women and children twice a week in the area throughout the year. There is a need however, to address the lack of basic essentials during the winter period. IRTIQA wants to get a head start on this, in time for winter, so that these necessities can be distributed to those in need.

The following items are needed:

  • Clothing for adults, male and female (only new clothes please. This is to maintain the dignity of the poor)
  • Clothing for children (ages range from new-borns to teenagers and includes school clothes)
  • Shoes
  • Blankets
  • Non-perishable foods (tin soups, beans, fish etc)
  • Any item not listed above that you may feel will benefit the families in winter

We will be willing to collect these donations at a place convenient to you or you can drop off the items at the location from which TR Modiri operates in Eldorado Park as well as IRTIQA’s offices (addresses provided on request). You are also welcome to observe the feeding scheme in action every Monday and Thursday and volunteer your time and effort on these days.

For more information or questions please email or call Nadia Cassim (editor) on 0824246191

Drive ends 31st May 2018

IRTIQA is proud to collaborate with PMSA on this initiative